Free Online Open Chinese Class (007)

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Join our free 1-hour live video class with a real GoEast teacher.

In a relaxed atmosphere, you will be introduced to phrases and sentences related to practical real world topics. This is a great chance to perfect your pronunciation, ask questions about Chinese language, and improve your level of spoken Chinese. 

If this is your first time, please click "get this course" button on the left side to sign up an account first, then follow the "how to join an open class" instruction.

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  • How to join an online open class
  • How to join an online open class sample
  • Online Open Class in October 2018
  • 【October 19th 9am Beijing Time】Beginner level
  • 【October 26th 9am Beijing Time】Elementary level
  • Online Open Class in Sep 2018
  • 【September 7th 9am Beijing Time】Elementary level
  • 【September 14th 9am Beijing Time】Beginner level
  • 【September 21th 9am Beijing Time】Elementary level
  • 【September 28th 9am Beijing Time】Beginner level
  • 【August 3rd 9am Beijing Time】Beginner level
  • 【August 10th 9am Beijing Time】Beginner level
  • 【August 17th 9am Beijing Time】Beginner level
  • 【August 24th 9am Beijing Time】Beginner level
  • 【August 31st 9am Beijing Time】Beginner level
  • Online Open class in April 2018
  • 【April 23, 9am Beijing Time】Intermediate Business Chinese
  • Online open class in May 2018
  • 【May 3rd, 9am Beijing Time】Intermediate Level
  • 【May 4th, 9am Beijing Time】Elementary Level
  • Online open class in June 2018
  • 【June 1st, 9am Beijing Time】Elementary Level
  • 【June 8th, 9am Beijing Time】Intermediate Level
  • 【June 15th, 9am Beijing Time】Elementary Level
  • 【June 22nd, 9am Beijing Time】Intermediate Level
  • 【June 29th, 9am Beijing Time】Elementary Level
  • Online Open Class in July 2018
  • 【July 6th, 9am Beijing Time】Elementary Level
  • 【July 13th, 9am Beijing Time】Intermediate Level
  • 【July 20th, 9am Beijing Time】Elementary Level
  • 【July 27th, 9am Beijing Time】Intermediate Level
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed